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We are a global launchpad for bold innovation


OUR WHY: The Audacity Gap

In a world of exponential change and growing uncertainty, we believe the best way of predicting the future is to invent it. And we believe audacious people and ideas power radically better futures. But the first step to closing the audacity gap is to get unstuck.

3 Big Questions

We need to radically rethink and re-imagine how we solve problems and build the future - in life, organizations, & society.

Audacious Life

How do I become my best self?

Audacious Organization


How do you build a thriving organization in the new age of disruption?

Audacious Society


How might we change systems to build a better world?

Areas of focus


Future of Work, Learning, & HR

Automation, demographics, and the gig economy are changing why, how, when, where, and with whom we we work, learn, and lead.


Future of Tech & Humanity

Will AI kill jobs or create new ones? Will Blockchain power ISIS or give refugees an identity? Will VR brainwash our kids or teach them empathy? Just because we can build it, should we?

Future of Government & Philanthropy

The complexity of today's challenges require us to move away from funding programs to driving systems change.


Future of Strategy & Leadership

Having grown up in the industrial age, leaders and executive now need to fundamentally shift in mindset and management from Predict & Control to Sense & Respond.


Future of Finance & Economy

We have built economic and financial models that optimize for the wrong goals, incentivize undesired behaviours, and have made us subservient to them rather than the opposite. It is time we change that.


what we do

 We inspire, instigate, and incubate thinking, approaches, and ideas that build future-ready people, organizations and societies.


Audacious Media

We inspire leaders & innovators through speaking engagements, publications, and curated events that provide them with the mindsets, skills, and tools they need to re-imagine and invent the future.


Audacious Advisory

We instigate change by partnering with boards and executives to build future-ready businesses and organizations. Using our unique 100-day Sprint methodology, we help leaders move the needle on their top innovation & transformation priorities.


Audacious Ventures

We incubate new ideas re-imagining the future, taking them from concept to reality and bringing partners around the table along the way.


Portfolio Highlights

Our portfolio of work cuts across sectors, geographies, and issue areas allowing us to discover hidden patterns and connect unusual suspects.

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Future of Work & Youth

We have partnered with a $30B financial institution on their $500M commitment over 10 years to prepare young people for the future of work.

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Future of Higher Education

We are partnering with a number of major employers to re-imagine talent and skill development for the future - leveraging the power of personalized, experiential learning combined with technology and data.

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Future of Technology & Humanity

We are developing a global prize for youth to use 10 exponential technologies (e.g. AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, Genetics, etc) to solve for humanity's 20 grand challenges in alignment with the UN's Global Goals (e.g. Poverty, Education, Health, Environment, etc).


CLIENTS & contributing organizations


Join us to invent the Future

We are building a global movement of audacious people, ideas, and organizations obsessed with re-imagining and inventing the future at the intersection of technology, humanity, & philosophy.